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RadLads is a collection of 10,000 Radical Lads on the Radix network. These radical 90's dudes are sitting around listening to blink182 and eating pizza. Help them out and spread their radness by using them as profile pictures or collecting them for trade!

Each RadLad has a variety of traits and can have items that express their character. Find the lad that you relate to the most or have fun building a flex-worthy collection.

Our goal is to create awesome original artwork that creates hype around Radix and gives the community more to do while we're all waiting for Babylon.


Send 25 XRD or 25 OCI for each RadLad to the following address:


Include the "#" sign followed by the full Lad numbers, including leading 0s, in the transaction message (eg. "#0001, #0002"), unencrypted!!!

Please make sure that your RadLad is not already reserved. If you send XRD or OCI for a RadLad that was marked reserved, your funds will be returned (minus 1 XRD/OCI for transaction fees). If purchased a RadLad that was already reserved, but not yet marked reserved - you will receive a full refund.

If you want to mass collect without choosing, send the appropriate amount of XRD/OCI with "#Random" in the description. (eg. 500 XRD with message #Random will get you 20 random RadLads or 250 OCI will get you 10 random RadLads).

You will receive a RDLD token for each RadLad which will allow you to redeem your NFT after Babylon.


Some of the functionality and structure of this site was lifted from scorps (with permission). Show them some love if you haven't!